Tuesday, March 11, 2014

From the President, Mike Ollivant

It is a rewarding experience representing all of the hard working volunteers that make PNCWA such a robust and exciting association. This year is certainly no different from years past with numerous Committee and Board Members volunteering countless hours to move the association forward and to be a voice for clean water throughout the Northwest. I’m also excited to report on just a couple of the important actions taken by the Committees and the Board of Directors in the early part of the year.

New Sponsorship and Conference Options - As part of this year’s budgeting process the Board of Director conducted a comprehensive review of the annual sponsorship opportunities and value, conference registration costs, and overall value that our members, sponsors, and exhibiting manufactures receive when supporting PNCWA. As a result of that review PNCWA has instituted some particularly exciting changes that we believe will provide better value, and greater flexibility for our members and the great companies that support and participate in PNCWA. Some of the exciting changes include:

•    Priority exhibit booth options for vendors / manufactures at the annual conference
•    Greatly increased value for Tertiary, Secondary, or Primary sponsorships
•    Better value for PNCWA member vs nonmember conference fees

We appreciate our sponsors, members, and vendors / manufactures for supporting PNCWA throughout the year and at the annual conference, and I would like to thank you all in advance for your continued support this year.

Governmental Affair Committee – In 2013 PNCWA formed the Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC) to stay abreast of important policy issues that can and will affect our members. The GAC represented PNCWA last year at the WEF – AWWA Fly-In in Washington D.C., bringing a common voice to the Congressional delegations for Washington, Idaho, and Oregon on policy matters that affect the Northwest as well as the. Again this year, PNCWA will represent the Northwest and will be partnering with NACWA for the 2014 National Water Policy Forum and Fly-In, April 7-9 by sending a representative for each of our three great states. 

In addition to broader national policy issues, GAC members are focusing on human health toxics rules/criteria and fish consumption, and water quality trading as a potential option for compliance with NPDES Permit Limits in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. More is to come on those topics.

Our Mission and the Newsletter – As a member of PNCWA you can help us reach out to our profession, other members, and the public by providing articles for the quarterly newsletter. This is a great opportunity to educate others and to help preserve and enhance the water quality in the Northwest. Please contact Sheri Wantland, Chair of the Newsletter Committee, with your contribution.

I would like to thank all of the members of PNCWA for your contributions, support, and hard work.

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