Thursday, November 21, 2013

PNCWA President Mike Ollivant

Dear PNCWA Members, Colleagues, and Good Friends,

This year is promising to be busy and productive at PNCWA. We started the year at the annual conference asking for membership involvement in committee work, and sections to continue to keep moving the great work of PNCWA. Membership involved is certainly needed this year as we have a very aggressive Strategic Plan with many actions for the committee’s to accomplish this year. The board has been working with the committee’s over the last few months since the annual conference, and with their input the Strategic Plan (along with strategic actions) was adopted by the Board of Directors on 11/15/13. Past President Mark Poling has also provided greater detail about the Strategic Plan within the newsletter and I would encourage you to review the article.

We also implemented the “Ask PNCWA” button on the website to allow membership to ask PNCWA to take action on important issues facing our industry. We have received a range of questions from simple administration to actions to be considered by one or many of the Committee’s. As I continue to meet and engage with more and more of the committee’s and people that belong to our association I’m amazed by the shear talent that we have available to address our industry challenge. I would encourage members to access the Ask PNCWA button and challenge this extremely talented association.

It’s never early too plan and that is exactly what it takes to get ready for our 2014 annual conference. The kickoff for the 2014 Vancouver Washington conference happened on 11/13/13 at the Hilton Conference Center. It is shaping up to be an awesome event that addresses many of the innovations in plant and collection improvements along with renewed emphasis on non-point and storm water challenges and solutions.

So I will leave you with this thought /request: we can accomplish much more through the combined talent of our association PNCWA, so get involved, be engaged, and continue to challenge each other.

Michael Ollivant P.E., Parametrix Inc.

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