Monday, March 4, 2013

Here's your Chance to be a Presenter in Bend this September

Hello PNCWA Members and friends.  Have you ever wanted to present at our annual conference but perhaps were a little unsure or maybe even a little intimidated by the process?  I've got some great news for you!  Our Technical Program Chair Catherine Dummer is hosting a live session tomorrow on how to prepare an abstract.
"Tomorrow, March 5th, I will host a Q&A conference call to answer any lingering questions people might have on writing and submitting an abstract for this year’s conference" said Catherine. "The Q&A session is a follow-up to the 'Abstract Best Practices' webinar that was recorded a few weeks back and is now available on the PNCWA website. These two tools – the webinar and the Q&A session – are new this year and are intended to provide potential presenters with some tools that will help them prepare a good abstract and hopefully get accepted!"

So my ask of you is please plan to attend the Q&A conference call or watch the recorded webinar and submit an abstract for this year's conference.  Say "Yes!" to this great opportunity to share your learning and knowledge with your friends and colleagues!  

Watch the video presentation and/or get the dial-info for the Live Q&A